Our son, Will, has worked with Coach Drew for the past 3 summers.  Coach has taught Will the meaning of hardwork, determination, and never letting go of the DREAM!  After playing 2 years on his Jr. High “C” team, and not overly confident of earning a spot on the high school team, Will did just that!  He is a Seven Lakes Spartan basketball player!   We know the skills that Coach Drew taught him and the consistent encouragement he gave Will made a difference in this outcome!   Coach Drew is respectful to the parents of his students and comes a long side them to instill positive character traits in each of his students!  We love the basketball skills taught to Will and the success that has brought for him, but we truly love and appreciate the PERSONAL INVESTMENT Coach Drew has made in Will!  Will loves when Coach checks in and/or just sends  him an encouraging text/email.  Coach Drew  ROCKS, and we can’t wait for him to INVEST in our other children as well!   Thanks COACH!

Char Drescher
Katy, Texas

We feel so very blessed not only for our son Corbin, but our entire family to have met Drew this past summer. What a true ministry Drew has not to only share his technique of basketball with his students, but his encouraging words and Christ like ways are apparent. Attitude is everything in life and after training with Drew his positive attitude was so contagious, it made Corbin feel like he could conquer the world. Basketball is a very competitive sport, so not only do you have to be equipped with the skill set, your mind has to say “I’ve got this”. Drew taught Corbin the skills he needed and the mind set to play the sport ofbasketball to his fullest potential.

If you put God first in your life, be dedicated and determined to do your very best and then simply apply what Drew teaches you these are the true ingredients for success. Thank you Drew for sharing your passion for basketball with Corbin and we know God has a perfect plan for every player.

“I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13

The Sacco Family
Katy, Texas

Our two daughters worked with Drew through the summer of 2012 and the positive impact he had on their play was outstanding. Focusing on ball-handling and defensive skill development, Drew was able to build their confidence as basketball players, enhancing their aggressiveness and their capabilities. The results have been obvious through their improved play in the current basketball season – with one each at the high school varsity and grade school level. We would definitely recommend Drew and look forward to having our daughters continue to work with him in the future.

Terese Pierce
Katy, Texas

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.26.46

Some athletes are fortunate to have that one coach who inspires them to strive to meet their maximum potential, and it’s evident that Drew Lasker aims to be that type of coach. After going through a frustrating season with a coach who seemed to not have my son’s best interest at heart, Drew came along and inspired my son, Jordan, to further tap into developing his individual basketball skills, and he was able to boost his confidence at the same time. Not only is Drew Lasker a talented coach and basketball player himself, he is a man of integrity. He has a superior work ethic and is honestly one of the kindest people I have ever met.

Aside from Coach Lasker giving proper technique instruction, I remember hearing him tell my son things like, “When you go to make a shot, you’ve got to believe that shot is going to go in.” In the few months that Jordan worked with Coach Lasker, Jordan not only improved significantly as a basketball player in that his fundamental skills improved, he began to believe in himself; and, I believe that Drew’s combination of mixing fundamentals with words of wisdom and pep talks, helped Jordan make his junior high team.

I cannot remember a single time when my son wasn’t excited to go workout with Coach Lasker, even if that meant working out in the heat of the summer. As a high school teacher and as a parent, I appreciate the fact that Coach Lasker is able to somehow motivate kids to REALLY work hard, but to also remember why they are working hard, always keeping a goal in mind.

Drew Lasker has been an absolute blessing to not only my son, but to our entire family. It has been a joy for my husband and I to see Jordan excel in basketball confidently and loving the game. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about – making sure your child loves the game while continuing to grow as a player and an individual. Thank you, Coach Lasker!

Addie Porter

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 11.32.42

Drew Lasker has been a priceless asset in my son’s life. Drew has pushed my son, Lucas, to be an all around better player. Drew showed my son there’s more to the game of basketball than shooting a ball. Drew’s one on one workouts with my 7th grade son gave Lucas the skills he needed to make the “A” team! Lucas’ respect for Drew is matched by me, his father, for his off the court guidance as well. He showed Lucas there is more to life than basketball and has mentored Lucas to become a better all around person. Drew’s skills and values on and off the court are priceless in my son’s life! I’m proud Lucas has a coach like Drew & blessed he has a friend in him also. Drew Lasker, thank you for mentoring my son and thank you for being a man of character that my son can look up to.

Bert Tice
Katy, Texas

Since the first day we met Drew, he has always been more than an extraordinary coach. Every day, he always has something new to teach and continues to be patient, helpful, and encouraging. My son, Austin, has really improved under Drew’s coaching, not only in basketball, but also in his character. About three months before Austin tried out for his school’s basketball team, Austin began playing basketball as a beginner, completely inexperienced in basketball. We began looking for a good coach that would improve his skills until a friend introduced us to Drew. Drew coached Austin for 15 lessons before the tryouts. I was truly astonished by Austin’s progress. When Austin tried out for his school team, he was much more experienced, and as a result of Drew’s great coaching, he was able to join his school’s top team in 7th grade! We were all shocked and we both believe that he definitely would not have gotten onto the team without Drew’s exceptional training. We really appreciate Drew’s efforts, and we feel extremely lucky to have him as Austin’s coach.

Francis Chang
Katy, Texas

My son, Jonathan N. played basketball sporadically before we moved to Katy. He tried out for Beckendorff basketball teams last year but did not make the team. Jonathan wanted to try again this year and we know that he is lacking confident and fundamental skills. We decided to get him some help.
We met with coach Lasker and he worked with Jonathan over the 2 half of this past summer. He learned so much from the one-on-one sessions with coach Lasker. His ability to dribble and control the basketball improved so much in such a short time. His basketball skills and his condition also improved. But most importantly; coach Lasker did a great job in building his confidence.Jonathan looks up to coach Lasker not just as a coach but as his big brother which is important to him.
Jonathan tried out for the basketball teams this year and he made the team.

Trung Nguyen

Our family feels so fortunate to have discovered Coach Drew Lasker and DBSD Training.  Our son Cole has played basketball since age 6.  He is never happier than when he is on the court.
Cole had a terrific 8th grade year, playing on three district championship teams in football, basketball and doubles tennis.  However, high school was a different story. The 6A high schools in Katy are very, very competitive when it comes to making sports teams.
There are always 4 times as many kids trying out as available spots on the teams. As a freshman, he chose to only try out for basketball but did not make the team. He was very disappointed.
He volunteered to serve as manager so he could continue to practice shooting with the team.  Over the summer, he enrolled in DBSD training with Coach Drew.  They worked on drills and 5-on-5 match ups to strengthen both offensive and defensive skills.  In addition to
developing physical skills, Coach Drew works with each athlete to focus on mental toughness as well. He helps them to build their self-confidence, on and off the court. He was instrumental in helping our son to believe in his own abilities. The transformation was quite evident in our son’s confidence level and performance at tryouts.  He made the sophomore basketball team.  It is great to see him back on the court, sinking three-pointers. We will always be grateful to Coach Drew for helping our son achieve his goal to play high school basketball.

Melissa Landrum
Katy, Texas